Saturday, July 10, 2010

What to chat about??

I would like to take a moment to welcome the masses and the great unwashed to my blog. I feel there is too much censorship today. You cant say certain things about certain pepole or you will be branded a certain type of person....im sure you understand.

There are infinite numbers of issues that appear in the media. Some are very serious, others funny and some just ridiculous. I want to creat a blog in which everyone can talk about and give their opinion on what ever they see fit.

I dont want this to be one of those pathetic fat free recipie blogs, more a meeting place for people who have an intelligent opinion with a different view of the world.

So now lets get started.......... To those who choose to begin 'A steady diet of stuff' please feel free to get the ball rolling so we can chew the fat. Leave you inhibitions at the door and let it all out. ( I am talking about words, nothinhg else). People, take the chance and decide what we should talk about. Leave you ideas as replies to this opening post and we can get cracking.

Thank you to all who follow my nonsense ramblings.



  1. It sounds very interesting, I hope to read your blog soon again, welcome to the world of the blogs

  2. Gibbo , I've known you for over 10 years and know your an honest bloke that wears your heart on your slieve. Cant wait to hear your current thoughts on big bad world etc. Lets talk about North Korea. Do you think "Team America" was close to the nail with the way the nut-job Head Of State Kim Jong-il really is ??

  3. I am awfully puzzled bro....your new ideas never cease to amaze me lol
    But what the heck...good luck xx